About IceCream Co.
Second generation ice-cream makers based right here in sunny South Africa.
Using locally sourced ingredients we manufacture the best quality soft-serve and scoop ice-cream.

Taking our inspiration from the African Summer, our Ice-Cream and frozen desserts are like a thunderstorm of flavour on a hot afternoon. With the sun beating down on us imagine the blessing of an ice cold fruit treat that envelops your whole being and quenches your undying summer thirst.

Our Ice-Cream and frozen treats are made with the best quality imported ingredients, manufactured with the expertise of second generation ice-cream makers, which express our commitment to producing the best possible product right here in South Africa.

We have also over the past 3 years expanded our services and product range to include the most delicious Italian Kisses as well as our range of superb designer Ice-Cream Cakes in any theme you could desire.

Certification is a priority at ICC and we have undertaken and continue to undertake all processes required in confirming our products as acceptable to all religious groups and as such we incorporate all requirements from all the major religious certification boards.

As part of the certification process our factory is open at all times for the inspection and evaluation of our ingredients and the process whereby we produce our products.

We are also BEE Level 3 compliant.

If you require any further information regarding our certification please feel free to contact us for copies of our certification or contact the relevant boards.
We love ice-cream and we try our very best to produce the absolutely best product for you to enjoy.
Have a look at everything we have to offer and if you require a quote contact us and we will do our absolute best to deliver what you need.
Softserve Ice-Cream Mix

Softserve is softer than regular ice-creams as a result of air being introduced during freezing.

Available flavours: Vanilla | Chocolate | Bubblegum | Strawberry | Lime | Banana


Enjoy the creamy smoothness
Scoop Ice-Cream Dessert (2 Liters)

Delicious and rich, the perfect accessory to any summers day.

Available in 5 fun flavours: Strawberry & Vanilla | Chocolate & Vanilla | Strawberry, Bannana & Vanilla | Lime, Strawberry & Vanilla | Vanilla.

Available from selected retailers and our factory shop.

Milkshake Mix and Syrups

Soft-serve is softer than regular ice-creams as a result of air being introduced during freezing.

Available flavours: Vanilla | Chocolate | Bubblegum | Strawberry | Lime | Banana


Enjoy the creamy smoothness
5 lt Scoop Ice-cream: Traditional Flavours

Delicious and rich, the perfect accessory to any eating experience.

Our production process makes use of the best traditional flavours and a range of the most tantalising combinations on the market currently.

Vanilla | Strawberry | Chocolate | Banana & Vanilla | Bubblegum | Chocolate and Vanilla | Lime and Vanilla | Rainbow | Rum & Raisin | Strawberry and Vanilla | Tutti-Frutti
5Lt Scoop Ice-cream: Premium Flavours

Our premium range of scooped ice-cream infuses exotic flavouring to our traditional ice-cream. It will make any dining extraordinary.

Take a seat and experience something out of this world.

Available flavours: Coconut | Coffee | Liquorice | Peppermint | Red Velvet | Toasted Almond | Triantafillo (Rose) | Wasabi

Enjoy the creamy smoothness
5Lt Real Fruit Sorbet (dairy free)

Dairy free and icy cold. Enjoy the real taste of sorbet and a range that will freeze your taste-buds.

Available flavours: Granadilla | Lemon | Litchi | Mango | Strawberry
Ice-Cream Kisses

The perfect frozen Italian treat.

Decadently flavoured ice-cream dipped in either white or dairy milk chocolate.

Presented on a stick - just ‘cause we can!

Available flavours: Cappuccino | Caramel | Chocolate | Hazelnut | Milktart | Mint | Red Velvet | Strawberry | Vanilla
Frozen Yogurt Base

Our frozen yogurt base has a neutral yoghurt flavour which is perfect as a base to which any flavouring or toppings can be added to make the perfect frozen yoghurt dessert.

Our delicious yoghurt is also available in ready-to-eat scoop form.
Powdered Soft-Serve And Yogurt

Try our perfectly formulated range of powder yoghurts and soft-serve.

Simply add water!

The product is suitable for export, easily transported and has an extended shelf-life. (No refrigeration necessary)

Available flavours: Chocolate | Strawberry | Vanilla Enjoy the creamy smoothness
Complimentary Products

We have an extensive range of products which will compliment your ice-cream treats.

Caramel Dip : 5kg
Chocolate Dip: 5kg
White Chocolate Dip: 5kg
Cones : Traditional (500 units)
Cones : Flat Base (500 units)
Cones : Large Sugar (200 units)
Cones : Small Sugar (300 units)
Flake 99 (160 units)
Ice-cream Ripple Cups : 200ml
Ice-Cream Ripple Cups : 80ml
Orange Juice : 5l
Fan Wafers
Wafer Basket
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P.O. Box 2301 Bromhof 2154
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